Technical parameters:
Flow rate, l/min [gpm] 70 [18]
Max. working pressure, bar [psi] 207 [3000]
T port max. pressure, bar [psi] 25 [360]
Fluid temperature, °C (°F) -25 to +80 [-13 to 176]
Viscosity range, mm2/s [cSt] 12-100 [12-100]
Filtering, ISO 4406 βx=75 20/17/25μm
Weight, kg [lbs] 2,9 [6.5]

Description: P70LS - single spool, 70 l/min directional control valve with pressure compensated flow control. Features:Adjustable pilot operated relief valve is standard on every P70LS. Full range pressure compensated by-pass type flow control valve built in. Fine positive metering in either direction with manual handle. Precision ground chromium plated spool that assures long life.

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