Technical parameters:
Ambient temperature -30C to +50C
Hydraulic liquid mineral oil based hydraulic oil
Fluid temperature -20C...+70C
Nominal flow 50 l/min
Max operating pressure, with/without L 315/210 bar
Viscosity 15-380 mm2/s
Filtration 9 to NAS 1638
Supply voltage , V 12 or 24 DC
Power , W 36;29
Switching frequency, 1/h 15 000
Coil temperature up to 180C
Duty cycle 100%

Description: DVS is designed for selective connection of two consumers utilizing base distributor to receive high pressure and connection to tank.

Construction: The distributor has electromagnetic control. The body is made of cast iron EN-GJL-300. Spools are made of carburized steel and are tempered

Mounting: The distributor is fixed with two bolts M8

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