Technical parameters:
Flow rate l/min (gpm) 75 (20)
Max operating pressure bar (psi) 170 (2500)
Adjustment range bar (psi) 70 to 170 (1000 to 2500)
Ambient temperature (deg. C) -40 to +60
Hydraulic liquid -mineral oil based/hydraulic oil
Viscosity cSt (recommended) 20 to 100
Fluid temperature (deg. C) -15 to 80
Weight kg (lb) 0,9 (2)

Description: The Badestnost valve model RVT is a direct acting ball/spring type pressure relief. The valve is compact and simple in design. This type relief is fast opening and is well suited for pressure spike protection. This relief is available in two models - RVT-S which is with a standard steel seat and model RVT-H which is with a hardened steel seat.

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