Technical parameters:
Flow rate, l/min (gpm) 70 (20)
Max operating pressure, bar (psi) 350 (5000)
Max peak pressure(<.1 s),bar (psi) 400 (5800)
T port max pressure,bar (psi) 10 (145)
Mineral oil ISO VG 46
Fluid temperature, °C (°F) -25 to +80 (-13 to 176)
Viscosity range, mm2/s [cSt] 12-100 (12-100)
Filtering ISO 4406,βx=75 20/17/25μm
Weight, kg [lbs] 3 (6.6)
Pneumatic working pressure, bar [psi] 4,5-12 (65-174)

Description: Control valve type TV18 for tipping trucks & trailers. Three way (pump,cylinder, tank) air operated control valve. Three positions: Hold, Tipping and Lowering. Three mods of descent: One speed only, Two speed(fast and slow) and Variable descent speed with suitable air control.

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