Technical parameters:
Modification/ max. sections up to 8
Max. Flow 70 l/min
Internal leakage A(B)-T,P=120bar viscosity 32mm2/s 20-40 ccm/min
Max. back pressure port T - 25 bar
Spools , Schemes Double and Single Acting; Series, Tandem, Parallel
Fluid temperature -20C(sort time) to 80C
Coils , connector ISO 4400 12VDC,24VDC
Threads - P, A, B - G1/2, SAE10 T - G3/4, SAE12

Description: Directional control valve ZC70 is a variant of directional control valve PC70- special body and new spools. In this variant the situation of the spool thowards the body is positioned much more precisely and due to this the valve has better throughput. This implies more precise metering diagram too. This hydraulic valve ZC70 can be implemented with direct control by solenoids ON-OFF and series section.

Mounting: The mounting is the same as standard sectional valves using bolts M8 or complete line of stud kits.

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