Technical parameters:
Modification / Spools Up to 6
Nominal flow 80 l/min
Internal leakage A(B)-T,P=120 bar, Viscosity 32mm2/s 20-40 ccm/min
Spools , Schemes - Double , Single Acting funct. A ; D spool
Coils , connector ISO 4400 12VDC,24VDC
Threads - P, A, B - G1/2, SAE 10 T - G3/4,SAE 12

Description: Z80 directional control valves-solenoid operated, offer perfect choice whether you are designing a new system or just simply trying to get more out of your current system. With two special spools and 6 different monoblock housings these valves can meet the specific needs of your application and hydraulic schemes by their double acting in 3 positions A and D spools.

Construction: Precise bore honing and spool grinding results in less cross-port leakage and less wasted energy.These precise valves also allow for interchargable spools for easy on place maintenance.

Mounting: The mounting is the same as standart monoblock valves using bolts M8 or complete line of stud kits.

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