Technical parameters:
pump type PRB/ PRBD
Working volume 12/25/45 cm3
max. pressure 380/350/280 bar
pump type PRP
Working volume 12/18/25 cm3
max. pressure 300/200/160 bar
Fluid Mineral based oil
Ambient temperature from -25C to 70C
Viscosity (min-max) 10-500 mm2/s

Description: PRB - Double acting pump with release knob (displacement 12/25/45 ccm). PRBD - Double acting pump with 4/3 flow divider (displacment 12/25/45 ccm). PRP - Single acting pump with release knob (displacement 12/18/25 ccm). PRPC - Single acting pump with realease knob for wall mount. (displacement 20 ccm).

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