Technical parameters:
Ambient temperature -25C...+80C
Hydraulic liquid -mineral oil based/hydraulic oil
Viscosity 10 ...400 mm2/s
Fluid temperature -25C...+60C
Max operating pressure, P=200; T=50 bar A , B = 200 bar
Leakage 18cm3/min at 120bar
Nominal flow 60 l/min
Spool stroke +/- 7 mm
Actuating force < 200 N

Description: The directional control valve PX-346 is designed for controlling the working liquid direction between the generators of the pressurized flow (hydraulic pumps), the consumers of pressurized flow (hydraulic cyllinders and hydromotors) and the tank.

Construction: Directional control valve PX-346 is a section type, with manual operation. Provides parallel or serial distribution of the working liquid and its direct flow to the tank without activating the sections.Consists of front cover, with buil-in relief valve or flow regulator, a combination of a single-acting and double-acting three-position sections (max 8 pcs) and an end cover.

Mounting: The directional control valve is mounted by four bolts M8.

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