Technical parameters:
No. of available sections up to 4
Nominal flow rating 80l/min [21 US gpm]
Max operating pressure 210bar [ 3050 psi]
Internal leakage (max) A(B) to T, TΔp = 100 bar (1450 psi) fluid and valve at 40 C (104F) 10cm3/min [0.61 psi]
Fluid mineral oil based
Fluid temperature(with NBR seals) -20C to 80C [-4F to 176F]
Viscosity 15 to 75 mm2/s
Filtration 18/14 acc. to ISO4406
Supply voltage 12 or 24 VDC
Power 60 W
Switching frequency 15 000 1/h
Duty cycle 100%
Tie rods tightening (wrench 13) 25Nm [18.4 lbft]

Description: SVV Selector valve has been designed to meet the demand of progressive machine manufacturers for versatile, cost effective, reliable circuit selector.The valve body is produced by cast iron EN-GJL300 alloy and it is machined using high precision, advanced,contemporary techniques.The advanced design of the valve spool ensures that fast spool switching can take place under any conditions without the use of a separate drain line.

Construction: SVV Selector valve stackable 6 port/2way change over valves are designed to be used when extra circuits are to be operated from one control lever on machines such as fork lift trucks, agricultural front end loader,telescopic handlers, and in transmission circuits.SVV can be stacked up to 3 valves allowing for the diverting of flow 2,3 or 4 directions depending on the combination chosen.

Mounting: The distributor is fixed with two bolts M8. SVV valve bank can be optionally equipped with a housing, containing relief valve, on the outlet end of the valve, protecting the motor or cylinder operated by the B ports against excessive pressure.

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