Technical parameters:
Flow rate, l/min [gpm] 90 [24]
Max. pressure on A&B,bar [psi] 300 [4350]
Leakage (A,B to T) at 100 bar [1450 psi] and 46 cSt, cm3/min [in3/min] 6 [0.37]
Operating pressure,bar [psi] 10 to 50 [145 to 725]
Max. pressure in L, bar [psi] 25 [363]

Description: NEW ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC CONTROL (EHD) FOR ZC70. This new electro-hydraulic control is designed to be directly mounted to ZC70 section body and be used without any pipes. This allows the user to be more flexible when stackign different combinations of sections and controls.

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